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Escort Review
  added by  Ka... for  Tina on 26 June 2022

Good response❤️ perfect service.i need u again😘

Escort Review
  added by  Ka... for  Melody on 26 June 2022

Such a sweet girl.great services in a cheap rate..beautiful body.. Love u melody..❤️💋

Escort Review
  added by  Fr... for  Larixae on 20 June 2022

Une escort parfaite que j’ai eu le temps de rencontrer elle a été très spéciale et à la hauteur de sont travaille, au début je doutais mais elle a sûr le ferais un tour chez elle pendant les week-ends merci larixae de m’avoir fait plaisir.

Escort Review
  added by  Th... for  Saroush on 16 June 2022

Elle fait vraiment un excellent travail pour aider avec une approche amicale et polie.
Vous ne serez pas déçu d’avoir fait sa connaissance. Nuit incroyable. Bisous Sarah.

Escort Review
  added by  Ma... for  Ronisia on 14 June 2022

you really are a goddess in bed i loved it last night hope to see you again soon my dear!


Escort Review
  added by  Ma... for  Celine on 14 June 2022

Sexy Céline i enjoy late night
See you again this week 😘

Escort Review
  added by  Ma... for  Manuella on 14 June 2022

I enjoy last night with you my sweetie
Thanks and see you soon 🥰♥️

Escort Review
  added by  de... for  Melody on 07 June 2022

Melody, You are really beautiful and your body is perfect and like a doll, I can say without any doubt, no one can beat you.I know that was 6 hour with you but I’m glad to have you.

Escort Review
  added by  Do... for  Arina on 06 June 2022

The best

Escort Review
  added by  ma... for  Tina on 03 June 2022

She is so gorgeous and friendly.Loved it, I will definitely keep her in my mind..see u soon baby.

Escort Review
  added by  Ho... for  Lissa on 27 May 2022

Hän kirjoittaa takaisin WhatsAppin kautta, mutta ei sitten tulekaan tapaamiseen! Jos kysyt, sinut estetään välittömästi…
She writes back via WhatsApp, but then doesn’t come to the meeting! If you ask why, you are immediately blocked…

Escort Review
  added by  Mi... for  Miria on 17 May 2022

Very professional and Highly recommended.

Escort Review
  added by  Mi... for  Isla David on 17 May 2022

I just wanna met her again. She is just wonderful!!!!!!

Escort Review
  added by  Mi... for  Alaina on 17 May 2022

One of the best girl i have ever met.

Escort Review
  added by  Mi... for  Amy Allison on 17 May 2022

I thought She was not real But after mitting her i was just amazed. very professional. highly recommended.

Escort Review
  added by  Ru... for  Tina on 16 May 2022

Amazing you tine❤️❤️

Escort Review
  added by  Ma... for  Anna Mariya on 11 May 2022

What an amazing woman. Pics are real! Such a sweet girl and amazing body. More than just a gorgeous body!!!

Escort Review
  added by  To... for  juliana on 07 May 2022

Recontre superbe femme 100% réel très sympa elle te met à l aise de suite

Escort Review
  added by  Al... for  Maiva on 03 May 2022

This person agreed 200 for 1hr then after being paid 200 refused to come without an extra 100 to cover costs of travel. You can fly over 500 miles with a famous Irish airline for less than that! But the fact is a fee was agreed and then additional fees were requested. The money was not returned. Stay away!

Escort Review
  added by  Ne... for  Europa Sandra158 on 01 May 2022

Hi pretty woman Sandra,
thanks for the hot night with you.
Looking forward to the next one.
Kindest regards and kisses.

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