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If you have ever visited escorts Iceland from other areas in the city, you will find a common trait in all of them. No, we are not going to tell you that all of them are extremely beautiful and sexy but there are some other factors that connect them and those are also the reasons for their huge popularity.

They are intelligent and quick to learn body language of their clients. You will find them to be respectful and caring. If the escort is in this profession for some time, they know it well that men who come to them are often starved for affection. They long for the connection and sexual satisfaction that they do not get in their home. Therefore, the girls understand, in addition to the obvious expectation of sexual gratification, they all look for some affection with personal touch. These matured ladies are committed to their job but that does not mean that they will have to fake their emotions. Caring for others come naturally to them and therefore extending the emotional connect is not very difficult for them.

They know how to satisfy male ego. Many of their clients suffer from deflated egos and quite a few of them have been greatly neglected by their partners. Therefore, they need silent validation from other girls are perhaps the best in doing this. They know that their sincere words will improve the self confidence of the man and that in turn will improve his performance, making it an enjoyable experience for both of them.

We all know the spoken words are sometimes more powerful than the sharpest knife around because that reach our mind. In my opinion, no one uses it better, the only difference is they use it for all positive purposes. They motivate their partners with sweet words before, during and after the interaction and making the entire experience just electrifying for them. Playful teasing and compliments go a long way in making the act extremely enjoyable. We tell you from a woman’s perspective now that they also love listening to nice and encouraging words. Next time when you are beside escorts of Reykjavik, don’t forget to babble sweet words in her ears and you will thank us for this suggestion.

You will always find your escort asking you what works best for you because she knows it is the way to ensure you get more than what you thought of. They will either with their words or other gestures of affection will tell you how she is enjoying the time with you and in most of the cases they behave honestly.

Simple words like “oh I love this” or “this feels so great” create spikes in the brain and you in turn get more pleasures out of the act. As a result of this you would try eagerly to please you and the entire process will snowball to heighten the excitement for both of you. Escorts Iceland either learn theses naturally or are trained to make you feel happy and pleased.

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