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Lisbon escort there is a thing about love that love can be very painful at times. It plays with our heart and mind in such a manner that we tend to get so addicted to the feeling of having out loved person with us that imagining a day without them could actually become a very painful experience. Today this made me think that why love, which is considered one of the most strong emotions in the world, becomes so painful at times that it leaves us crying, feeling miserable and depressed. The answer to it lies in the way our brain works. The feeling of happiness that we get around the people of who we love is so addictive that we start to develop withdrawal symptoms if the person that we like is not present in our vicinity or we have to face the absence of that person in any form. We forget the release of endorphins that give us all the feelings of happiness while being in love and the absence of these endorphins only make us sad, depressed and all aloof and alone. So if we go only by the biochemistry of the body then the way to get out of the feeling of sadness and loneliness and depression would be to restore the level of endorphins in the body.

The process to increase the number of endorphins in the body could be anything that gives you pleasure, I know this is going to be difficult because these both things are a contradiction to each other at one side we have the strong feeling of sadness and on the other side we have this need to do pleasurable things. It may be difficult at start but at the end of it, it would be a great healer and will give you great relief from inside that even if there are difficulties in your emotional life you can be happy in the company of your own Portugal escort. The number of things that you can do while going through the pain of love. You must restore your lost relationships. We as human beings are social animals, so in our life, we encounter big number of people we’d establish numerous relationships. But the dominance of one relationship becomes so strong that we tend to give less importance to other people in our life but we can have friends for different locations and situations. We can have more than one loving relationship. We can make more than one source of love in our lives and in that manner we will not be feeling deprived of love. You have to find other things that you love and genuinely love them. They can not be the replacement of your love but they can be of great support and give you the most required endorphin boost that you require to reconstruct your mind and heart. So just relax and don’t be obsessed over your love and just try to give yourself the pleasure part of the love and not the pain of love. It requires a little effort but the effort is worth the million dollars Lisbon escorts.

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