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Escort Review
  added by  ca... for  Grace on 09 February 2024

She was contacted late at night and arrived at my apartment in about thirty to forty minutes. She was a stunning, tall brunette who was skinny and scented. She was very social throughout the meeting, even if I didn’t speak much English. In my opinion, I recommend the girl for her attractiveness and sincerity in the meeting. We ended the meeting with a good massage and moved on to the menu, which was included in the fee.

Escort Review
  added by  Hu... for  Sarah on 09 February 2024

tireless. When she comes across a man in great shape, she makes the most of it. Thin, slender legs, very very nice ass, beautiful set of the loins, breasts close to perfection, particularly soft skin) – a sense of contact “on the grain” and she rubs, she caresses, she kisses. She is magnificent! Alice kisses

Escort Review
  added by  Fr... for  Jessica on 08 February 2024

It’s always my pleasure meeting you Deebho!!!
4th time meeting you is never a wast of time or money keep up to your best
Your dress alone is killin, make man heart wet 🤪
I can say to you world you are real !!!

Escort Review
  added by  Hu... for  Jessica on 08 February 2024

It’s so amazing 😻 to meet you Jessica .
I must say you’re the real independent escort Girl I ever meet 😘
I will visit you again next month I would like to booked my appointment with you again
First because of the online experience I have had so far didn’t make me to believe you were real after paying 150€ for 1 hour, and you prove me wrong by showing up at the hotel with your Mercedes Benz looking so beautiful so overwhelmingly gorgeous
I want to say sorry for not believing you for the first times.
What surprised me most Is that she offer me an Extra Services so nice of you.
I promise to visit you again next month,

Booking with you never been a wast of time or money you’re the best to me 😘😘😘

Escort Review
  added by  J�... for  Regina Tory on 08 February 2024

It was once again a great night!!! Regina is sexy, experienced and just plain friendly. You can’t do anything wrong, climb on the little one again and again. But the studio and its layout could be a little more attractive.

Escort Review
  added by  Hu... for  Vitove on 07 February 2024

This is the best girl I have ever met! Sweet, kind, incredibly beautiful with excellent service. Thank you love, in a week I will be back in Frankfurt and we will meet again

Escort Review
  added by  Th... for  Spicy on 07 February 2024

The night with this beautiful creature is also not bad at all and also cheaper. She welcomes these customers well. This woman is a very beautiful creature

Escort Review
  added by  rr... for  Elise on 06 February 2024

Fake photo… Asking for 50% advance money in bank account that I refused.

Escort Review
  added by  ´... for  Spicy on 06 February 2024

my first meeting with her was so great and magnificent and I want to tell everyone else not to miss contacting her to satisfy any sexual desire

Escort Review
  added by  Vi... for  Sarah on 06 February 2024

I just came back from a meeting with Alice.
I can not find the words…
She’s a bomb Alice, as I’ve rarely seen her in the flesh…
She has an absolutely divine body, with breathtaking tits and ass… And she knows how to use it…
She has a very beautiful voice, a very cute face, an intense look…very clean body perfume
And she is French… which makes it easier to communicate (speaks French well. She is very kind, very friendly, very playful…
I don’t take any risks I will come again for a full night, you will tell me the prices again, you promised me, thank you in advance

Escort Review
  added by  St... for  Andrea on 06 February 2024

Same iTunes gift card fraud.Previously known as Chloe.

Escort Review
  added by  Ri... for  Muelle on 06 February 2024

Merci pour le moment passé avec toi enfin une personne réelle sans surprise à larrivée .Pour une fois que ce soit bien la personne en photo qui vient au rdv et encore tu es vraiment beaucoup plus belle en vrai 😍😍 Une femme très gentille qui nest pas robotisée très humaine et surtout ses massages sont DIVIN .Vraiment cest étonnant de tomber sur quelquun comme toi .A très vite.

Escort Review
  added by  Da... for  Elise on 05 February 2024

Wow, Anita you fuck so well baby, I can’t wait to have you again, your mouth job is excellent…the best of my life😘😘😘

Escort Review
  added by  Vi... for  Sarah on 03 February 2024

First night she made me pay her with gift cards i paid her 100€ for 1h and waited 1h in the cold and then she said i need to pay deposit too then i want bought again a gift card of 100€ and send her too then she didnt reply more and said i will make you another appointement the next day.the next day i went again to her door then she said i need to send her another 20€ for accesories i did that to then she replied that the card was not ok and not activated i checked it myslef it said that it was redeemed.altogether i paid 220€ and got nothing just wasted time please dont do the same mistake she if 100% fake.

Escort Review
  added by  ´... for  Selena on 03 February 2024

If all girls can be like you that will be great

Escort Review
  added by  Fl... for  Muelle on 03 February 2024

C’est bien la fille de l’annonce. Je viens de la rencontrer a l’instant . Tous simplement à croquer Super sympa avec une hygiène irréprochable. elle sait bien mettre à l’aise et tout simplement parfaite .Prends bien son temps .
En espérant te voir très bientôt.

Escort Review
  added by  bo... for  JENNY on 02 February 2024

The girl is much more beautiful in real life than in photos, and the service is also excellent. I hope to meet her every day

Escort Review
  added by  Vi... for  Sarah on 31 January 2024

I just came from a date with Alice..
I can not find the words…
She’s a bombshell Alice, like I’ve rarely seen in the flesh…
She has an absolutely divine body, with breathtaking breasts and butt… And she knows how to use it…
She has a very beautiful voice, a very cute face, an intense look…very clean body perfume
And she is French… which allows to communicate more easily (speaks French well. She is very kind, very friendly, very playful…
I don’t risk it

Escort Review
  added by  Ro... for  Natalie on 26 January 2024

I went to Natalie is a very select lady looks better in reality than in pictures, offers some very good work. I can not wait to meet again with Natalie ..kisss

Escort Review
  added by  ja... for  Ellery on 25 January 2024

Ellery she’s amazed girl, wonderful experience, so natural and relaxed, I enjoyed every moment, I hope that she will spend more time in Split, that we can meet again.

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