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Escort Review
  added by  Mi... for  Valeria camelo on 28 August 2022

absolutely amazing, looks body and personality. Makes you feel like everything is real. Cant go wrong if you treat her well.

Escort Review
  added by  Ti... for  Emy on 27 August 2022

Very sexy and horny. Beautiful face and body

Escort Review
  added by  Pa... for  Dyna on 17 August 2022

Met Dyna t🤩🤩😍😍🥰his evening. Nice tall girl with that soft skin only 24 year old girls have. Great ass, nice natural breasts. Friendly, decent level of English and kisses greedily. Very good blow job. Responsive to cunnilingus. Sex is very good. Very impressed with the way she looks for what makes you tick while cuddling against you. In short, a very good choice.😍😍

Escort Review
  added by  Ko... for  Marina on 16 August 2022

Pretty and good manner giirl, services are a bit mechanical, no kiss, oral only with condom not allow to touch here there, typical meeting nothing special. For €150 for 1hour you can find better girls and services.
Although i will definitely recommend if her services were better as her ass looks so hot specially at doggy!

Escort Review
  added by  Wu... for  Janice on 12 August 2022

It’s like she is from the south pole

Escort Review
  added by  Ol... for  Anna Charles on 13 July 2022

Very good looking girl sexy

Escort Review
  added by  Ma... for  Manue on 09 July 2022

Manue u are an angel in person 😭🥲♥️
See you soon babe

Escort Review
  added by  Fr... for  Phidela on 20 June 2022

Une escort parfaite que j’ai eu le temps de rencontrer elle a été très spéciale et à la hauteur de sont travaille, au début je doutais mais elle a sûr le ferais un tour chez elle pendant les week-ends merci larixae de m’avoir fait plaisir.

Escort Review
  added by  Th... for  Saroush on 16 June 2022

Elle fait vraiment un excellent travail pour aider avec une approche amicale et polie.
Vous ne serez pas déçu d’avoir fait sa connaissance. Nuit incroyable. Bisous Sarah.

Escort Review
  added by  Do... for  Arina on 06 June 2022

The best

Escort Review
  added by  Ho... for  Lissa on 27 May 2022

Hän kirjoittaa takaisin WhatsAppin kautta, mutta ei sitten tulekaan tapaamiseen! Jos kysyt, sinut estetään välittömästi…
She writes back via WhatsApp, but then doesn’t come to the meeting! If you ask why, you are immediately blocked…

Escort Review
  added by  Mi... for  Miria on 17 May 2022

Very professional and Highly recommended.

Escort Review
  added by  Mi... for  Alaina on 17 May 2022

One of the best girl i have ever met.

Escort Review
  added by  Mi... for  Amy Allison on 17 May 2022

I thought She was not real But after mitting her i was just amazed. very professional. highly recommended.

Escort Review
  added by  Ma... for  Anna Mariya on 11 May 2022

What an amazing woman. Pics are real! Such a sweet girl and amazing body. More than just a gorgeous body!!!

Escort Review
  added by  Ne... for  Perolle on 01 May 2022

Hi Perolle,
My new favorite in Greece.
You are so hot.
The time with you was magic.
Your oral skills…
Entering in all three…
Thanks a lot Baby.
See U soon

Escort Review
  added by  il... for  Perolle on 24 April 2022

Thanks lovely perolle for the magisch time andcoerfect communication

Escort Review
  added by  Fe... for  MARIE on 31 March 2022

Only positive things to say about Marie. Pretty bright attentive and great services. If you like young slim girls she is great

Escort Review
  added by  So... for  Marina on 13 March 2022


Escort Review
  added by  St... for  kattymariaoni on 10 March 2022

Wow, impressive, we met and we had some good time together, she’s beautiful and fun to be with, see you soon again!!

Before ordering a girl check kindly also her escort reviews. Experiences of the girls other clients can give you great information about the date with the lady. Many of the gentlemen who are dating escorts are very well aware of what they are looking for and also experienced with other girls before hand. So you will find for sure very good information how she is performing in real life. Also be so kind to leave your escort review after the date no matter is it positive or negative, it will help other and the escort lady in futher life and business.

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