These Are the Hottest New Pornstars

When you have spent years getting horny on the same old pornstars, they do get stale even if they are the hottest women on Earth. Sometimes, they might surprise us with an anal scene or a threesome, but again, the same actress is being fucked on screen. We are aware that everyone has their favorite porn actress and they are loyal to the death, however, something new and exciting is usually better than the same old girl. Therefore, if you are interested in finding a new beauty to spend the alone time with, we recommend you check the list of rookie new pornstars at Lustfel. You will find the most up-to-date list of goddesses that are winning over the porn scene these days and can make your dude hard within seconds.

Here is a short list of cuties to ensure you it is time to add a new and young favorite girl to follow.

Elizabeth Romanova

Elizabeth is a 29 years old porn star with some real talent from Eastern Europe. She borrowed her stage name from the Rhenish princess and she aspires to be the muse of many people. She started shooting movies in 2019, however, she is still active and is considered a pretty new face in the porn industry who got her fame recently. 

Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls is a 22-year-old hot brunette with great curves and a beautiful face. She is the fuck hole of grand proportions and she first appeared in the porn industry in 2019. While she got her fame in the mid of 2020, she is still new in the porn industry and one of the hottest ones. Porn critics have stated that Autumn fucks as good as the most experienced cougar. She has the perfect booty and rocking body that everyone would bang She has learned the art of anal acrobatics, squirting, and lesbian threesomes. And the most impressive part is her beginner years in the porn industry. 

Autumn Falls

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Mia Melano

Mia Melano has made her debut in 2019 and she is a 22-year-old blonde who loves to fuck older guys. She is new and fresh in the porn industry, filled with female hormones that make her horny constantly. Not to mention her tight vagina, great boobs, and smooth skin. A lot of men dream of fucking Mia at least once in their lifetimes. She is a real catch so you should definitely check her videos and see something new and refreshing.

Nia Nacci

Nia Nacci is one of the young girls who entered the porn industry at a young age. She started her career in 2018 and early 2019 when she was one of the most popular girls. She loves sucking dick and riding it afterward. Do not consider her being a ghetto girl, she already has a partnership with gigantic porn studios, so she just started!

Vienna Black

Vienna Black is a 26-year-old beauty who got us all over her. Her beautiful face, perfect tits, and great booty make her the real deal on the screens. She is a fucking tease on the videos and when you add two cocks and Vienna between, you have the perfect trio for an ultimate blast. She is very charismatic so you will feel at home while watching her videos, no matter where you are. Not questioning her past or credibility, her pussy makes us all believe in her power of seducing and satisfying men.

Victoria June

Victoria June is a bit older than the rest of these girls, however, she’s the real bomb on screen. She is the hotter and younger version of Alexis Alexas, but with a new and improved version. She is a 30-year-old hottie with botox-filled lips and a perfect body that you’ll want to fuck all the time.

Victoria June

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Hannah Hays

Now let’s take a look at Hannah Hays. She is the chica bombastic, with beautiful blonde hair and great dick-sucking skills. She might be pretty new in the industry, but she’s on the right path to achieving her dreams. We can’t wait to see more of her anal scenes where her bum is filled with semen and her moaning makes you nuts. There are no downsides with this girl, except when she’s down on all four. She does deepthroat, catching cum, and providing satisfaction in every scene. This is the ultimate cherry on top of a cherry type of girl.

Nicolette Shea

Nicolette Shea is the mother of all pornstars. She is a 33-year-old bomb with the style of a MILF. Who wouldn’t like to fuck her? Technically, she has the age of a milf, but she’s the real girl in bed. If you jerk off on Barbie-like pornstars, Nicolette is the right girl for you. And considering the fact that there are not many girls like her in the porn industry, except Jessie Janie who quit porn, we must protect our queen and save her at all costs. Nicolette is like the Mercedes of female performers where you are guaranteed cumming and a high dose of satisfaction. Check out some of her best videos and enjoy!

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