First when I try to enter from an European location, I got a error screen, which does not allow me to enter this escort catalog. First impression not very positive, as this website thinks, my IP is in an “not safe” range. Looks like many of these old escort websites are still very old fashioned and use primitive technologies, maybe actual 10 years ago. For sure Skipthegames needs and update to cloudflare or other similar providers to run decently. So further I tried with and US VPN to access this website, and it also does not work. What a disaster.

So as I am running out ideas how to browse these escort website, I opt for the and see have they saved some shots from skip the games. So well we finally see how the website looks like from the archived copy, god bless, that we have this tool.

First strange thing we see, is that they have a limited timeframe for registrations, this is probably because they check everything manually or are just too crazy spammed for some reason. Looks like a solvable issue, as other big directories does not have such. Again we see that something is wrong with this website.

So next we see on the homepage of skipthegames that they have many articles, there warning you about hackers controlling your accounts and about fake escort ads. So something is obviously wrong with this website, it could need some professional help to get it running like other modern escort websites.

The structure itself looks quite basic, everything categorized by location trees, but again, I don’t like, that I need to do too much clicking to get there where I want, while testing to find some hookers with this site. Would recommend to make more straight forward.

Also we see there is a massive escort classifieds section on Skipthegames with million smileys, this seems to be the usual writing style of escorts, as I cant find any posts written differently, or they are posted all from the same person or group of persons, so it would be considered as fake escort ads.

So lets summarize review. In total it sucks. In technical details you see, first it needs a redesign to become easier to use and it should fix the security issues it faces, I would really recommend to opt for cloudflare so it would be accessible for all the good guys and girls who landed there. But the idea is good, branding is great and so on, but it just don’t work technically. I have been seen also before some strange escort website like listcrawler or escort babylon but this is now the worse. So guys please improve it.

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