Sex Trade in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, and with an Amsterdam escort in particular, is overly relaxed with regards to sex and recreational drugs. Escorts in the Netherlands can legally provide customers with sex and marijuana, which can also be openly smoked in coffee shops and other public places. In Amsterdam, tourists can spend hours exploring the famous Red-Light District, De Wallen. The area is comprised of several blocks and has been called a fantasy land for adults. After you’ve spent time peeking into the sex trade, you can actually experience if by setting up your own date with an Amsterdam escort.

Red Light District

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The most famous Red Light District in Amsterdam is De Wallen. The neighborhood is located in the center of the oldest part of downtown Amsterdam and covers several blocks. There are also three different canals that cross the area. De Wallen will give visitors a look at old world Netherlands architecture and the way the canals are used for transportation. But, the biggest draw in De Wallen is the sex trade.

In the Netherlands’ most famous Red-Light District, you can find a sex museum, a cannabis museum, peep shows, sex theaters, sex shops and dozens of escorts with rooms on street. Because prostitution is legal, the women are completely open about their services and what they are selling. In De Wallen, you will find mostly escorts who offer basic sex in one position. The Amsterdam escorts will take your money, lead you to a small room and take off her pants for down and dirty sex. Once the sex is complete, your experience is done. If you are looking for a longer, more passionate and innovative sexual experience while in the Netherlands, consider hiring an Amsterdam escort for a more personalized experience.

In De Wallen, and other parts of the Netherlands, you can purchase marijuana legally at coffee shops. The government allows people to smoke marijuana because they consider it a soft drug. You can purchase pot at the coffee shops and smoke it there or take it back to your hotel. Either way, it will allow you to enjoy the sights, sounds and experiences of the Red-Light District in a relaxed state. You might also want to consider smoking some pot before or during your time with one of the Netherlands’ best escorts for a more relaxed, enjoyable sexual experience.

Picking an Escort

Because prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, you can experience just about any sexual fantasy you have. By choosing a high-quality escort, you will ensure that you get a sexual experience you will never forgot. To begin the process, browse the photos of our beautiful Amsterdam escorts on the website. The pictures are completely true to life and up to date. What you see is what you get, so you can be comfortable choosing a woman based on the website photos. If you see someone who meets your ideals, you can be assured that the exact same woman will show up at your door

Once you have chosen a woman, start thinking about what you want. Does a long, steamy sensual experience with honey and chocolate sauce turn you on or do you want to be spanked and dominated? If you want a lap dance or a strip tease, an Amsterdam escort can provide those services as well. Call our booking agents to talk about your ideal woman and your perfect experience. We can help you make that happen and give you suggestions on time requirements and any other items that can enhance your Netherlands escort experience.

In the Netherlands, most escorts will come to your home or hotel room. Once you make the call and book an escort, you can expect to see a beautiful Amsterdam escort ready to have sex with you at the door in less than an hour. Depending on your location in Amsterdam or other parts of the Netherlands, that time frame might be even shorter. You can, however, book your date before you even arrive in the Netherlands and just call and confirm with the booking agent on the day of your new sexual experience.

Choices and More Choices

The biggest decision you will have to make when coming to the Netherlands is how many times you want to meet with an Amsterdam escort. Read over the women’s descriptions on the website to figure out their specialties and determine how those skills could be worked into your night of passion. If you are coming to the Netherlands as a couple, there are escorts that are willing to join the couple for a threesome. There are also some Netherlands escorts who will work with another escort to give you the threesome you have always dreamed of.

More Affordable Than You Think

Many people might think that they can’t afford a night with an escort in the Netherlands, but it really can happen. If you were going to another city for a visit, you could spend lots of money on drinks in a hotel bar, hoping to meet someone for a night of sex. Instead of wasting that money on drinks and something that is far from a sure thing, you can spend that same money on a night with an Amsterdam escort. In addition, we offer discounts and multi-hour pricing that will make your night with an escort well within all budgets.

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There is nothing better than a trip to the Netherlands to experience sex at its finest. You can spend a night with an Amsterdam escort, walk the streets of the Red-Light District and purchase marijuana at a local coffee shop. The Netherlands can open you up to new experiences and turn your sexual fantasies into memories. Start browsing our website for your perfect Netherlands escort!

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