Listcrawler is looking to be a major escort directory by the stats. But the first thing I notice while entering this website is the strange URL structure where the redirects, there will pop up a merged URL from 2 websites, first Then later you see from the menu, that there are a lot of other websites in the menus, which are merged with listcrawler. So what the fuck dude. It looks like a somewhat merged website from a bunch of other websites and Listcrawler which is super confusing. Never seen everything like this before.


There are a lot of escort profiles listed as I see on list crawler, but the design of the website is so confusing, that I don’t get how to navigate inside this website. Maybe the problem is in me, as I have designed many escort websites myself like Devozki here and many others.

When checking the escort reviews button, we are redirected and land to Escort Babylon website. Which ads one more degree of confusion to this website. So I should see the ads on listcrawler or whatever as it has so many combinations of other domains there and when I want to read the reviews for the girls, I need to navigate to another domain and later back to decide what girl I am going to order. So far all this looks not really user friendly for me.

Further I was checking how the posting of an escort ad looks like on this website. There is a button “post ad” on the upper right which surprise-surprise directs me to another website called Megapersonals. There is no information given about the pricing of ads, or if you can ad free escort profiles. So again totally confusing.

So my opinion overall for this website is not good. Actually I haven’t ever entered so confusing website before at least in the escort niche. So sorry if I am rude, when someone likes Listcrawler website and how it is laid out, but I personally would not use it to find escorts.

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