How Webcamming Changed The Escort Business

Escorting is believed to be the world’s oldest profession, yet despite thousands of years of people exchanging money for sex, it’s still heavily frowned upon in the 21st century. On the other hand, adult webcamming is much newer, as we have only had the technology to support it for a few decades. That technology has only become easily accessible and understood by the average person in the past 20 years. So, despite how popular webcam sites are nowadays, we are still really at the beginning of the adult cam era.

This article takes a peek into the world of escorting and how the cam sites have impacted it.

Escorting is more popular than webcamming in some parts of the world, specifically poorer countries with high poverty rates and less access to technology and resources that allow them to work online, such as Bangladesh, Congo, or India. Another reason that escorting may be more prevalent in such countries is because many live cam porn sites restrict access to these countries due to high fraud rates and laws prohibiting them from working or viewing.

Surprisingly, there isn’t much data to tell us how many webcam models there are; however, we know that there are tens of thousands broadcasting at any one time, which shows the magnitude of popularity and how big the industry has become.

Why Would Escorts Turn Cam Model?

There are more advantages from being a webcam model pose to an escort, explaining why the number of escorts has drastically decreased in the past decade. In contrast, the number of cam models has massively increased.

Global pandemic and fear of coronavirus aside, escorts face dozens of dangers each day. There are very high health risks associated with being an escort, especially for catching an STI or an STD. The fear of who you’re meeting and what could go wrong. You could also argue that you don’t need to physically touch another individual as a webcam model, that you can work from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere for that matter, and that there is argumentatively more money in it nowadays.

There are, of course, some downfalls and risks associated with camming that escorts wouldn’t necessarily fear, like being recorded and exposed online, for instance. However, it certainly poses much less risk all around.

Has The Webcam Industry Impacted The Escort Industry?

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the evolution of the adult industry has heavily impacted the escort business in many ways, from the closing of Backpage in 2018 to the launch of sites like OnlyFans. Adult entertainers find safer, more convenient, and legal ways to make money.

Escorting will never completely die out, so there is no need to fear if you’re a regular punter. While there will always be demand, there will always be escorts. However, it may just mean less choice and more online alternatives.

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